XR Unity Player: Project overview

Scene description format

The Scene Description format standardized by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC29/WG03 MPEG Systems in ISO/IEC 23090-14 specifies a framework enabling the composition of 3D scenes for immersive experiences, anchoring 3D assets in the real world, facilitating rich interactivity, supporting real-time media delivery.

It establishes interfaces like the Media Access Function (MAF) API to enable cross-platform interoperability, ensuring efficient retrieval and processing of media data, by decoupling the Presentation Engine from media pipeline.

XR Player implementation

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The XR Player is implemented as a Unity3D project: rt-xr-unity-player.

The unity project builds on the following dependencies:

  • rt-xr-glTFast: parsing and instantiating of 3D scenes in Unity.
  • rt-xr-maf-native: a C++ Media Access Functions (MAF) API implementation, extensible with custom media pipeline plugins.

Test content

  • rt-xr-content: test content implementing the scene description format.

See the features page for implementation status of the scene description format.

MAF API & Media pipelines

The Media Access Functions (MAF) API is specified in ISO/IEC 23090-14:2023.

It’s purpose is to decouple the presentation engine from media pipeline management, it allows the Presentation Engine to:

  • pass View informations to the media pipelines (eg. to optimize fetching media )
  • read media buffers updated by the media pipelines

The MAF API is protocol and codec agnostic, media can be fetched a remote URL.

Media player implementation

MediaPlayer component

The MediaPlayer component is part of the Presentation Engine layer:

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The MediaPlayer component uses the MAF API implemented by Media Pipelines:

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The XR Player uses a C++ implementation of the MAF API. It uses a factory / plugin pattern to allow development of media pipelines.

The mechanism by which a media pipeline is instantiated and buffers initialized, is out of the scope of ISO/IEC 23090-14.

For more on the MAF API implementation, review the rt-xr-maf-native repository.