Standards, Specifications and Feedback

This website serves as an umbrella for documentation related to standards and specifications within the scope of 5G-MAG’s work.

For more information on Standards and Specifications can be found at https://www.5g-mag.com/standards.

5G-MAG maintains this GitHub repository open to the community to provide feedback on specifications, in particular, comments, bug-fixing or request for new features.

More information on how to provide Feedback can be found at https://www.5g-mag.com/feedback. To report a bug, request a new feature or express a doubt, please create a new issue with a corresponding template. Issues will be regularly reviewed by 5G-MAG according to the following workflows.

Specification Profiles and Guidelines

5G Media Streaming

MBMS and LTE-based 5G Broadcast

5G Multicast Broadcast Services (MBS)

XR (eXtended Reality)

Feedback on Technical Specifications maintained by external SDOs

3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) Specifications

5G-MAG and 3GPP SA4 are regularly meeting to fix specifications and provide feedback from developers. Check the Agendas and Notes of the 3GPP SA4 XCHANGE.

Feedback on Technical Specifications maintained by 5G-MAG

ETSI TS 103 720 “5G Broadcast System for linear TV and radio services; LTE-based 5G terrestrial broadcast system”

ETSI TS 103 972 “Deployment Guidelines for DVB-I services over 5G Systems” (resulting from a Joint TastForce between DVB and 5G-MAG)