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5G Broadcast Transmitter for MBMS-dedicated cells and basic MBMS gateway: rt-mbms-tx

5G Broadcast Transmitter for QRD (Qualcomm Reference Design) and CRD (Commercial Research Device): rt-mbms-tx-for-qrd-and-crd

MBMS Modem: rt-mbms-modem

MBMS Middleware: rt-mbms-mw

MBMS Middleware for Android: rt-mbms-mw-android

Tools common to various projects: rt-common-shared

Repositories related to Multicast IP delivery

File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport (FLUTE): rt-libflute

Repositories with dependencies related to LTE

Auxiliary repositories:

MBMS Web User Interface: rt-wui

MBMS Examples: rt-mbms-examples